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Journalists Use AI to Write Articles

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For the first time, journalists have used AI to write articles.

The Associated Press (AP) has used AI to write articles about corporate earnings for the first time.

The AP used a software called Wordsmith to write more than 3,700 articles about earnings reports from companies such as Alphabet, Facebook and General Electric.

The AP said that the articles were written by a team of four journalists and that the AI system helped them to write more accurate and faster articles.

The AP is not the only news organisation to use AI to write articles. The Financial Times and The Washington Post have also used AI to write articles about earnings reports and other topics.

The articles often include fake news, but the organisations say that the AI system can help to write more accurate articles. Even though it always turns out for the worse, you can’t help but feel a little bit impressed with how this technology is slowly but surely changing the journalism industry.