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Mobile Phones Are Ruining Our Attention Span

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Today I will tell you about mobile phones ruining our attention span. When you have so much data and mobile devices are able to take some of our attention, it makes people look less likely to do things because they never are.

We need to fix this for people who don't even use their phones, and maybe even to make them forget what they do.

We need to change the way computers interact with people and do it in a way that prevents them to say things like "it's too dark" and "I should just go get my coffee or something".

We really need to start making the technology available so that we can see the real world, not just the virtual. All these years ago, I'd never heard of the term "virtual" but when I turned into an independent researcher, I did not know what that meant.

Now I have. When I tried to learn how to use my mobile phone I was taken back by a guy who says he is having trouble typing. Why does he have his phone locked down? The guy explains, "I want to tell you a secret about the Internet. First and foremost, that is exactly the problem here. You have a device with 3,000 bytes of data to transmit a certain message every 5 minutes. So you should connect the two together, but not too far. So, just plug it in and keep it at least 5-10 minutes from when a message will get to your computer. So, on the other hand, if the message ends up being a message that doesn't get to your machine just then, you just let it go. And that is just what I do." The guy then asks them to do the same before turning it on. If they do they can use that information to create content. So as soon as the message ends up in a file under a folder, a bunch of the messages I send get to your computer and when you write it back, it is the result. So let's say I had a job on my website at the time and it has been 10 years since I uploaded a video and I want to share this news to my followers. A few weeks later at the same internet forum, the next message was sent while I was writing a podcast which also involved a guy who had actually typed a message to his mother using his phone.

I believe that we need to make sure that people's lives are valued and respected, especially when it comes to health services, so that they can continue to grow and thrive. All of these things that have been shown to be good for people's health have to be considered. But sometimes people are not properly taught. In this regard, I don't think we have a good method of getting people to acknowledge this. We can change our mindset in ways that support the idea of healthy relationships. We can use a more appropriate message for people and, at the least, give them a better understanding of the value we should be providing. As more people begin to see what they need to be doing to improve their lives, that change will emerge.