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Steps to Get Out of a Creative Rut

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  1. Take a break. Sometimes the best way to get out of a rut is to take a break. Get up and walk around, take a nap or just step away from your work to clear your head. This can help refresh your mind and give you a new perspective on how to approach your project.
  2. Talk to others. When you’re feeling stuck, talking to other creatives can give you some great ideas. Ask them how they overcame their own creative ruts, what resources they use and what techniques work best for them.
  3. Doodle. Sometimes the quickest way out of a rut is to simply start doodling. Draw a picture, write down a list of ideas, or just get your hands moving. The more you get your creative juices flowing, the easier it will be to break out of your rut.
  4. Take a class. If you’re having trouble getting started, it might help to take a class or participate in a workshop. There’s nothing like learning from a professional to jump start your creativity.
  5. Use prompts. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, prompts can be a great way to get the wheels turning. Whether you use prompts from books or online, they can help you come up with new and exciting ideas.