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Why Are Cats Better Than Dogs

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In this article I am going to explain the difference between cats and dogs. Are you ready to learn? Good.

1. Dogs smell bad

Who wants to get close to a bad smelling dog? That’s right, nobody. Dogs smell bad and they smell especially bad when they don’t take a bath. Cats on the other hand smell good.

2. Dogs are loud

Dogs make a lot of noise. They bark, they whine, they howl. Cats on the other hand are silent. If a cat wants to complain, it just meows, it’s that simple. Dogs are just loud.

3. Dogs are annoying

Dogs are annoying if they follow you all the time and if they keep barking when you don’t want them to. The dog will never stop following you. Dogs are annoying if they don’t want to stop barking. Cats are a lot less annoying. They just want to be petted and to be fed, not much more.

4. Dogs don’t listen

Dogs always bark when they want to. They don’t listen to their owners and they don’t listen to their owners when they tell them to stop barking. Cats listen. Cats never bark and they never meow when they are not supposed to. Cats listen.

5. Dogs are destructive

Dogs can destroy things if they get bored. They can ruin your furniture, they can ruin your carpets, they can ruin your walls with their pee. Cats on the other hand can’t be destructive. They can’t ruin your things. Cats are not destructive, period.

6. Dogs are mean

Dogs are mean to cats. They chase them and they even bite them sometimes. Cats aren’t mean to dogs. Cats just want to be petted. They want to be loved. Dogs are mean.