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Why Google Is Censoring the Real Truth About Sasquatch?

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There are many theories about why Google is censoring the real truth about Sasquatch, but the most likely explanation is that they don’t want to upset the status quo. Google is a powerful company with a lot of influence, and they probably don’t want to rock the boat by admitting that Sasquatch exists.

It’s also possible that Google is worried about the legal implications of admitting that Sasquatch exists. If they acknowledge the existence of Sasquatch, they could be opening themselves up to lawsuits from people who claim to have been harmed by the creature.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Google is not interested in sharing the truth about Sasquatch with the world. That’s a shame, because the real truth about Sasquatch is probably much more interesting than the myths and legends that have been circulating for years.